Here's a sampling of my writing. I've been working as a professional writer and editor for more than two decades. 


Shadow and light: Surviving a Himalayan tempest

A major cyclone causes one of the world’s deadliest trekking disasters on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

In the lee of giants: Flying high on mountain waves

Glider pilots challenge some of nature's most extreme weather conditions over the Sierra Nevada.

A 10th Mountain Division tour in Colorado's high country

What remains of the 10th’s legacy today? A road trip to the high country illuminates the past.

Chimp art: Painting a portrait for species survival

The world's oldest male chimpanzee expresses himself.

Bless our happy missile silo

A Kansas couple finds happiness underground.

We're no longer drunk town

New Mexico teaches Wyoming how to curb substance abuse. A five-part series.

As 2 eulogized, Sund talks of profound loss

The father of a slain mother and daughter reflects on what may have gone wrong in Yosemite.

The Kay Kennedy story: Chronicling the Alaskan bush pilot

A woman goes blind while trying to write the ultimate history book on Alaskan aviation, but her legacy lives on.

Climbing pioneer is still ascending

Lynn Hill along with Alex Lowe discuss climbing out of the crib and on to the world's most challenging mountains.


Chalk Talk

Two men, who only communicate via chalk messages on a sidewalk, find new meaning.

Tall Trees

A bold effort to save a redwood tree alters three lives.